30 DAY ZERO RISK (The Guarantee)

You can try your entire HappieAmp.com purchase for 30 days with absolutely no financial risk!  If you want to return your order we will return your entire payment including shipping AND we will send you a label to send your order back.  We have always offered this guarantee because we know ordering over the internet is difficult.  How do you know it is any good?  In the store you can try it on the shelf but that is not the real world, so we ONE UP’ed the stores.

In 7 years of offering this guarantee over the course of over 3000 Happie Amp sales only 4 people have returned their amps!  AND GET THIS … 2 of them came quickly back and purchased the amp AGAIN and KEPT IT!

International orders: We STILL reimburse for regular shipping to you or equivalent value.  So if you opted for 2 day shipping to Australia we will reimburse how much the regular FedEx or USPS shipping would have been.  We will pay $15 of the return shipping as well.  But you are going to love it so I’m wasting time writing this and you are wasting time reading it :o)



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Happie Ampers

Damian the Magician phone message

Ultimate Control

These are not professionally shot videos… just users who love Ultimate Control.

UC used regularly on a Vegas stage!

Scott using Ultimate Control in his magic and ventriloquism show

Ultimate Control testimonial Tom Yurasits

Phil shows off the Ultimate Control

Happie Amp

Lou Johnson cell phone thank you video – Happie Amp

Wedding officiant who loves Happie Amp

2 Happie Amps together for 1000 people

Jr. Pro.

Nunzio Smith using the Jr Pro by Happie Amp

Lou Johnson using the Jr Pro waistband amp



gtd audio sh-120b happie_ampYou may look at these 2 images and think you are seeing the same thing but what you can’t see are the internal components, production quality, and included accessories (Yeah, I’m not mentioning customer support yet).  Other factories have seen the success of our factory and tried to duplicate and undercut the product in order to take over the market.  This may work for initial orders but the repeat business is non-existent for them!  Sound quality, longevity, and durability are very different.  We pay 5 TIMES the price for our factory to make Happie Amps compared to other samples I have gotten from other factories because it is THE BEST!  


OK, this is an easy one to just skip over.  Companies talk about their CS as if it matters and usually it doesn’t.  Just get me the darn thing and then leave me alone!  But with a professional grade electronic device that is quite a different story.  We are here to answer questions, do repairs, and make sure your ownership experience is first class.

UNLIMITED warranty offer

This probably should be first on the list.  I created the UNLIMITED warranty because I HATE WARRANTIES!!  OK, I like the concept of warranties but they always exclude anything that breaks!  Well, my friends told me I was crazy when I created the UNLIMITED warranty but I did it anyway.  My concept is not to retire on it, I just want an excuse to make things easy and deliver awesome service.

The UNLIMITED warranty has no fine print.  It covers everything that comes in the box for every reason.  The only thing excluded is theft and loss.  If you have water damage, electrical surge, drop, spill, acts of God, ANYTHING!!  It is covered!  We send you a replacement no questions asked and no shipping fee (within the US).  You just send the broken one back at your convenience.  Of course we reserve the right to cancel the policy but we have over 100 people on it and growing!

You can get it from the tab at the top that says Amps and more.. scroll down to UNLIMITED warranty.


So, before you go making a mistake.. Look and see what others are saying about

it.  Call and ask any questions any time and then try Happie Amp free for 30 days!



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Why buy Happie Amp – The Guaruntee SKU UPC Model

Happie amp review

Aug 24, 2013 by Anthony Cavallo

I can not recommend the Happie Amp and the service enough. I am a Wedding officiant and have used my Happie Amp everyplace from beaches, parks, country clubs and churches. I am no longer at the mercy of the DJ supplying a microphone. I love this Amp. I also bought the extended warranty. And when my house flooded I messaged Brian and 2 days latter I had a whole new set up. (I wish my insurance company was as easy to work with). Great product and even greater customer service. Thank you Brian!

Truly Unlimited and absolutely AMAZING!!

Aug 23, 2013 by Joe Castricone

Truly unlimited and definitely AMAZING! How many products do you know where they stand behind there product %125? Not many?
But Brian does! And he ships what you need the same day 2 day priority so you get the broken or damaged product very quickly!!!
Definitely recommended!!!

5.0 5.0 2 2 I can not recommend the Happie Amp and the service enough. I am a Wedding officiant and have used my Happie Amp everyplace from beaches, parks, country clubs and churches. I am no Why buy Happie Amp – The Guaruntee