General Happie videos

The Happie Amp Guarantee

Happie Ampers (click to watch NOW)

Damian the Magician phone message (click to watch NOW)

Happie Amp:


See review by Bob Tobias, independent product reviewer for amazon products

Is Happy Amp Loud Enough? (click to watch NOW)

Receiving your Happie Amp (click to watch NOW)

A lecture for Wedding officiants about using Happie Amp (set to play close to the end) (click to watch NOW)


Ultimate Control:

- Ultimate Control Promo Video
- How Ultimate Control came about


- Ultimate Control in Scott’s show (click to watch NOW)
- Happie Amp Ultimate Control Tom Yurasits (click to watch NOW)
- Damian The Magician using Ultimate Control and Happie Amp (click to watch NOW)
- Ultimate control customer testimonial Danny Baker (click to watch NOW)
- Ultimate Control, Why I love it!  From Phil (click to watch NOW).

-Using your Ultimate Control for your puppets lines.


Jr. Pro.:



-Lou Johnson Magician using the Happie Amp Jr Pro (click to watch NOW)

-Happie Amp Jr Pro Demo with Voice (click to watch NOW)

-Happie Amp Jr Pro (click to watch NOW)

-Happie Amp Jr Pro Endorsement (click to watch NOW)



UHF Pro.:

Happie Amp UHF Pro banner

UHF Pro set-up

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