Watch the Save the Rabbit T-shirt Video

Marty Hahne has bravely taken on the USDA and their insane laws. His story has made national news IN A BIG WAY! Did you know if you are a magician using a rabbit you have to certify the bunny with the USDA? The USDA USED TO require you to write a disaster plan on how to save your rabbit in case of flood, tornado, hurricane or possibly alien attack. Until Marty fixed their wagon!

Read some articles here-
Washington Post

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Times Herald

I could go on and on…

So, in honor of Marty’s efforts and with Marty’s blessings I created this shirt…

save the rabbit shirt

First 56 of shirts sold so fast I could hardly blink!  Proceeds from the first round went to to help David Oliver. You can see his cause here – http://domagic4davidoliver.blogspot.com/  We sent a check for over $1000!

Proceeds from this round of 56 shirts are going to Street Kids PM.  A non-profit children’s home and orphanage ministering to street kids and kids in extreme poverty in Cebu, Philippines.  Street Kids PM was started by NJ Magician Matthew Dwinells and his wife Dalisay.  Read about this here- http://www.streetkidspm.org/2013/04/update/

And “like” them on facebook here-  https://www.facebook.com/streetkidspm

OK, now go to our order page to help out.  ALL profits from this round of 56 shirts go directly to Street Kids PM!