We now offer a rent to own program!

How it works:

Go to this page and when you checkout you will be billed only 10% of the products per month for a year.  The first payment will also include any upgrades in your order and shipping.  Your order will ship right away.  In total you pay 10% per month for 1 year and it is yours!  We require renters to carry the UNLIMITED warranty during the rental agreement.

If you need to alter the payment plan or have any other ideas on how you wish to pay please let me know and we can figure it out for you.


Pay off your agreement within 6 months and 2 of the 12 payments are waived.  

Pay off your agreement in 9 months and 1 payment is waived.  To make extra payments contact Brian. 

For each sale (of equal or greater project) you refer 1 payment is waived!!!

To make a purchase on the Rent2Own plan go to this page


This is a rental agreement until you pay your final payment.  Refusal to pay results in reclaiming of your products, possible added fees including legal fees.

Unresolved disputes or claims between the parties, including alleged or purported breaches of contact, but excluding claims for indemnification under this contract, shall be addressed and handled through binding arbitration in accordance with and pursuant to industry rules of the American Arbitration Association or any other recognized and acceptable and agreed upon arbitration organization.

The parties are waiving their statutory rights to proceed against each other in courts of law including the rights to pre-trail discovery pursuant to Court Rules. It is understood and agreed that the parties are waiving their statutory right to a trail by jury or Justice of the Court, except for claims seeking indemnification under this contract, that the other party may immediately or at any time prior to trail move to dismiss the complaint in favor or proceeding in arbitration pursuant to this agreement.

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